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Unleashed Veterinary Podcast

Nov 18, 2018

In this podcast episode Dr. Bruce Francke welcomes guest Dr. Mary Gardner, co-founder of Lap of Love, the Nation’s largest provider of Veterinary Hospice, end of life care and consultations, and in-home euthanasia.  Lap of Love is a network of over 150 caring and compassionate veterinarians, operating from over 60 locations. Dr. Gardner is a highly regarded lecturer on the National and International veterinary circuit and is a prolific author on the care of senior and geriatric pets.

Approximately 40% of pets in America are seniors.  Although these pets are in a stage of life where they would actually benefit from more veterinary care, sadly many are getting less.  We talk about some of the challenges that make that the case.

In this conversation, we discuss the difference between “senior” and “geriatric” pets, what some of the special needs and challenges of this group of pets are, and some of the ways that we can make sure that your pet’s golden years are as pleasant as possible.

Dr. Gardner is knowledgeable, and funny, and has a passion for senior pets which shines through in this conversation! I think you’re really going to enjoy it!

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