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Unleashed Veterinary Podcast

Jul 15, 2018

Got an itchy god or cat? Are you frustrated that you can't seem to make your pet comfortable, no matter what you have tried? You will want to listen to this first of a three-part podcast series on pet allergies. So put your ear buds in and let's get started!!

In this episode Drs. Bruce Francke, and Hilary Busch discuss ATOPIC ALLERGIES, otherwise known as Environmental Allergies. Later in the series, we will address Food Allergies and Flea Allergies as separate podcasts. 

We will be discussing how to get proper diagnosis of allergies, treatment of the existing problem, and maybe most importantly, how to keep the allergies in-check for the long term.

There have been exciting new advances in the science of treating allergies that we use everyday in practice! We will tell you how these advances have been transformational to our ability to effectively treat allergies!

We will show you how an organized, logical, and systematic approach to skin allergies can finally help you return your dog or cat to the happy, healthy life it once had!